Prayer for Saturday, June 18

Heaven stirs. The song comes near. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Angel wings are heard then stilled.  Prayers rise from earth and soar to your majestic throne.  The mountains declare your glory and the ocean answers with a mighty roar.  Your love is like trees in a storm, bending but not breaking, and coming back stronger than ever. My praises break forth from my heart, dear Lord, in jubilation. The forests shiver in excitement and the tiniest creature answers with its tiny squeak.

Someone told me something the other day that was wrong and I corrected them.  It was of no importance whether a city is 100 miles away or 120 miles away. It is of no importance if his shirt was brown or tan. It is of no importance if gasoline was 2c more than someone else said. All I accomplish when I correct people like this is to stir up strife between us. Help me control my tongue.

It is dawn. The sun is shining today. We have had a lot of rain and that made the gardens happy. Now the sun is back, gleaming in a deep blue sky while cottony white clouds bounce here and there in satisfaction. Delightful serendipity.  No matter what the heavens bring day by day, I thank you for that.  And I smile.

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