Prayer for Tuesday, May 24

My heart burns within me at the thought of you, Mighty God, ruler of the universe, knower of all things. You protect me by taking away those who would harm me for their own selfish reasons. They hate you because you ruin their plans to make me one of them.  Your ways of rightness are powerful and cannot be defeated. You are my watchtower, my sword, my shield, my wall of salvation from the Evil one.

An angry person accused me of a wrong I had done. I became upset and told them they were wrong about me. But when I returned home, I realized they were right after all. It is so hard to see myself as others do. Help me open my eyes and stop doing what they accused me of.

How I long to go home.  You have made it so easy: Just close my eyes here and open them in your throne room.  Sometimes life is hard. I am not complaining; I know you give me my assignments. But sometimes I want to rest. I thank you for my temporary times of rest here and a forever rest in your heaven. Thank you for opening your door to me. Someday I will walk through that door and enter the home you have prepared for me. Keep the door open, Lord. Keep it open for me. I’m coming. I’m coming home.

Prayer for Monday, May 23

I praise you, God of Glory ~ strong in the power of love, mighty in strength of mercy, king of all that is good. When Satan destroys, you restore. When Satan hates, you love. When Satan accuses, you forgive.  You are the light of the world in Satan’s darkness. When he knocks down my dreams, you give me an extra measure of hope. When he sends enemies to me, you are my shield and the wall of my salvation. When he hates me, you shove him aside and embrace me.

Lord, Satan sends me so many fun things to do that make me neglect you. He wants me to forget you completely. Do not let him. Stand between him and me. Restore in me the desire to do your work on earth.

Thank you, God, for all you did to save me from Satan. It took so long and is still going on.  Two thousand years of no laws, two thousand years of Moses’ many laws, two thousand years of faith in the only one who kept those laws perfectly ~ Jesus the Messiah. You left heaven to be one of us and do for us what we were too weak to do. You conquered death and sin and Satan. Your strength overwhelms me, your love overpowers me. Thank you.

Prayer for Sunday, May 22

Mighty God, I am so small and puny. You are so large and great. Yet, you love me. I am so sinful, you are so perfect. Still you love me. I am so self-serving, you are so others-serving. I continue to be undeserving. You continue to love anyway. In my self-will and thinking that I know more than you, I continue to run from your goodness. You continue to run after me, calling out, “Return to me. You’ll be safe with me..”  Such love overwhelms me. I fall at your feet and feel your warmth and smile as you lean low and kiss my cheek.

Father, I do not know how to search my heart nor to let go of my sins.  I listen to Satan and hoard them to his delight. Help me, God.

Ah, my Lord, you are so good to me, God of all creation and peoples. You notice me though I am so small, and bless me beyond my wildest imagination. Am I using your blessings for your glory? Why have I been so blessed? I have food to keep me alive and healthy, I have clothing to keep me modest and covered against wounds. I have shelter to keep me from the elements.  Then there are the spiritual blessings you have given me. You even know my name. How can I thank you enough for it all?

Prayer for Saturday, May 21

Ah, how I praise you, my Lord, for your supremacy and power. I laud you for truth and justice which is established by you, and love and mercy that pours out from you. Love is demanding and you never waver from it. If I wander from you, you call my name and run after me to bring me back. You never stop to rest. You never give up on me.  You accept all the responsibilities of love and do everything possible to make it bud and blossom in my heart. Your love will never let me go.

Complaining is the coward’s way. Complaining is helplessness and wanting someone else to solve whatever I want solved. Complaining is a first-cousin of accusing. That is Satan’s way. He wants me to accuse God of causing the problems he causes. Satan, go away from me.

Thank you, Jesus, for dying in my place and facing death and hell for me. Satan didn’t think you could pull it off  but you did.  None of us could have escaped him, so you did it for us, opening the gate out of our captivity to you. You paid the ransom. Then you undid what Satan did; you returned to life!  You made it possible for me to do the same when I die ~ come back to life and live forever.  You made it possible to escape inevitable hell and go to the safety of heaven.

I do not deserve what you did for me. You are so good to me. Open the door, Lord, Open the door and let me enter your realm to live forever with you, my Lord and my God.

Prayer for Friday, May 20

I praise you, my amazing Lord, because you are the Creator of all I see and sense and even that which is too small or too far away for me to know. When I look up in the sky and see more stars than can be counted and know I am just a spec in it all, I am overwhelmed with your largeness, your greatness, your magnitude. Yet, I am not too small for you to see and my voice is not too weak for you to hear. How I long to be with you where you are.

Help me not complain. Only a fool complains. When things do not go my way, help me realize what is happening is your will. Remind me always that, wherever I am, whatever I do, I have enough.

Thank you for the new dawn with all the possibilities that lie ahead for me. Refocus my energies to reach out to others as your ambassador.  Thank you for these glorious spring days that you have given me to clear away the cobwebs accumulated during the winter’s rest. Springtime awakens in me a desire to plant my garden, to walk along lazy paths, to watch the birds find the perfect spot and build their cozy nests. Thank you for springtime.

Prayer for Thursday, May 19

I praise you, Jehovah, for you are eternal in friendship, love, justice, mercy. You provide hope and permanence as you draw me to yourself in your world, in heavenly realms. How sinful I am and how perfect you are! You love me still.  Your love is more powerful than the mightiest mountain, more commanding than the domineering sun, more glorious than the greatest galaxy.  Ah, my Lord, I love you so.

Father, deep down I am lonely. Why is that? Is it because I have centered my life around myself? Help me reach out to others and center my life around them.

Thank you for materializing as Jesus, you in flesh. Then we were able to see and hear how you would speak and act in every kind of life situation. More, you conquered Satan, that shadowy and mysterious ruler of darkness that enshrouds the world with his lies that good is bad and bad is good. Still, you speak to the world in your Book, showing us how to be more than conquerors through you. May I never forget you and your words. Place them in my heart forever so I may thank you from one end of eternity to beyond.

Prayer for Wednesday, May 18

How can I praise you, Lord, to the degree you deserve? I cannot. How I wish I could. May the stars sing praises to you. May the waters declare you water of life. May the earth bring forth early buds of spring to remind the world you are the life giver, you are life. May the frisky animals of spring growl and squeak and chatter and bark and flutter as they daily proclaim you as their Maker.

Ah, my Lord, I had murder in my heart recently. Not flesh murder, but murder of someone’s reputation. I asked for prayer for someone’s problems and spelled their problems out. It was gossip in disguise, gossip and murder. I feel sick about it. Forgive me.

My heart is about to burst. You, God of glory, are a friend to all who seek you.  You fill my loneliness, wipe away my tears, hold me, smile with me, laugh with me. Then I am not lonely anymore. You are the Ultimate Friend. You never desert me no matter how rough things get. You are my life. When I leave you, you wait for me to return and finally run after me to bring me back to yourself. You have never left my side over all these years unless it was I who ran away.  Even through the times I could not see you or feel you or touch you, you were there all along. Your loyalty is too great for me to deserve. It is backward. It is I who should be forever loyal to you. You are my forever Friend. Thank you.

Prayer for Tuesday, May 17

Your glory gilds my songs of praise to you. You send out majestic beams of heavenly rays on all people, great and small. You brighten my day and enlighten the world around me. You give and expect nothing in return except love. Love begins as a spark and grows in glory the nearer it is to you. You give my soul wings, and I soar to you.

Friends were talking about politics and governments the other day and I joined in with them talking maliciously toward those I disagree with and fear. I must not hate any of them. Help me not hate anyone. They are in place because you put them there to accomplish some special thing.

Your blood, oh God. Your blood slipped out of your body that day so long, long ago. That which ensures life was taken out of you in order to provide life for a lifeless world held captive by Satan. Blood ransom. You ransomed us from Satan against his will, just as you ransomed your people from Pharaoh against his will. But the ransom price was high. So, you materialized and offered your own flesh in my place. You offered your own blood in my place. You offered your life in my place. How can I thank you for freeing my soul from Satan? Unworthy, I rush to you and fall at your feet in eternal gratitude.

Prayer for Monday, May 16

The grains of sand are not too small to praise you.  They swell with joy and their hearts enlarge into pebbles. The pebbles cry out to you and their hearts enlarge to boulders. The boulders declare your glory and their hearts enlarge to hills. The hills shout to the meadows how great you are and their hearts enlarge to mountains. The mountains shiver and shake with your magnitude and declare to the whole earth their praises. All you made praise you. You are the high and low of all things. You are the beginning and ending of all things. You are the lover of all things.

Sometimes I have malice in my heart toward my enemies. Help me remember that you love your enemies and I must do the same. Make me pray for them. Soften their hearts and make me ready to share your love when the time is right.

Thank you for family and friends. Thank you for newspapers where I can find strangers to pray for.  Thank you for my neighbors and little children on playgrounds who I can pray for. Thank you for school teachers and government leaders who I can pray for. Thank you for people around the world of all nations and languages for whom you have given the responsibility of praying for.  The responsibility of all this is a glorious one that you entrusted me with. What an assignment. Thank you for your assignment and help me to never forget it.

Prayer for Sunday, May 15

I praise you, Lord God of my heart. You are my king, my Father, my Creator, my Life, my Betrothed, the Lover of my soul. You are all I need and all everyone else needs. I came from you and find peace only when I go back to you.  You made me, I am yours. I belong to you and long to return to you. I worship you both now and forever.

Forgive me for not sharing what you are with more people and showing them what you can make of them. You can make their life beautiful. How dare I keep it a secret!

I cannot thank you enough for giving me your Bible. It is full of delight, for I never have to guess what you’re thinking. You are always on my mind. Sometimes I can hardly wait to join you in your home when I will know what you are like face to face. What a day that will be. Home coming! The angels and cherubs and all of heaven will rejoice when I arrive, but none will rejoice more than I. What a wonder you are in the brilliance of your glory and majesty.