Prayer for Sunday, June 19

Your love melts the hardest heart and chases away the worst of sinful thoughts. Your love strengthens the weakest heart and makes it bold in the face of fear.  Your love shouts from the mountain tops in glistening white purity and spreads delight, wonder, and exultation to those willing to look up. You emerge from the depths of the oceans in face of storms, for nothing can hold you back. You reign from the heavens and are all glorious. Whatever I do, you are there. Whether I run or walk, you are there. Whether I work or rest, you are there. You are in my song and in my silence.

Someone asked me to help them convince a mutual friend to give them some money to help with a worthy project. I just cannot. This person has asked for money for a good work before and then spent it on himself. That is out-and-out swindling. Give me courage to confront this person and work with them to earn honest income.

There are so many things to thank you for, Lord God. If I began right now counting them all, I could not complete my list in a thousand years. You made a beautiful and fascinating world for me to live in. I do not know why it was important to make us in material fashion in a material world unless you wanted us to have daily reminders of you.  Indeed, you are in everything I see, hear, touch and sense. Even then, the world cannot contain you.  What I can see and touch, that I thank you for. And for the wonders I am yet to behold, I bow in gratitude.

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