Prayer for Friday, June 17

My God, you are my life, my heart, my soul. You have done so many stupendous and amazing things to save me from beautiful Satan who grabbed me into his trap before revealing what he really was. Nothing was too hard for you. You raised the dead back to life and thereby destroyed Death.  You are the light of my soul, my hope, my song. Your love is so high, it reaches the stars which join in chorus to sing of your glory. Your love is so deep, the ocean waves dance in gladness at the sound of your voice.

Help me not ever be too presumptuous. When I share what and who you are with others, give me patience to say a little, then step back to give them room to think. Help me not think they should catch on the first time they hear something new from the Bible.

Jesus, you did so much for me ~ for us all.  You came to earth temporarily to suffer with me, though you didn’t have to.  I was rebelling against you, so you rolled up your sleeves and met me on my level. Only then did I fully understand you.  Only then would I let you lift me up with you and whisk me to heavenly safety. Thank you, Jesus, for such love. And, oh, it is summer. Thank you for summer.  We had a gentle summer rain yesterday and the flowers smiled.

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