Prayer for Thursday, June 16

I praise you, God of my heart, soul and mind, God of the Bible. You never leave me guessing. As in days of old, you judge my thoughts and actions and sometimes punish enough to make me realize how self-destructive I am being. I hear your voice and  turn around toward you. You call out to me. Sometimes I am stubborn, but you are even more so. Your patience and mercy fill in the gaps. So, sometimes when I wander in a wilderness of my own making, you call out to me, “I have the Water of Life. You do not have to be thirsty. I am the Way. You no longer have to wander.  I want you to walk with me. You do not have to be alone.”

Father, help me ask people how they are and then wait for more of an answer rather than just “fine”. Slow me down so I do not wander off before they have a chance to tell me how they really are.

I have freedom to walk down the street and ride down the highway in safety. I have gardens with food and flowers in abundance. I have time to work on my hobby. I have the Bible ~ Words of life  and love. I have the church and your friendship. What more can I ask?

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