Prayer for Tuesday, May 24

My heart burns within me at the thought of you, Mighty God, ruler of the universe, knower of all things. You protect me by taking away those who would harm me for their own selfish reasons. They hate you because you ruin their plans to make me one of them.  Your ways of rightness are powerful and cannot be defeated. You are my watchtower, my sword, my shield, my wall of salvation from the Evil one.

An angry person accused me of a wrong I had done. I became upset and told them they were wrong about me. But when I returned home, I realized they were right after all. It is so hard to see myself as others do. Help me open my eyes and stop doing what they accused me of.

How I long to go home.  You have made it so easy: Just close my eyes here and open them in your throne room.  Sometimes life is hard. I am not complaining; I know you give me my assignments. But sometimes I want to rest. I thank you for my temporary times of rest here and a forever rest in your heaven. Thank you for opening your door to me. Someday I will walk through that door and enter the home you have prepared for me. Keep the door open, Lord. Keep it open for me. I’m coming. I’m coming home.

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