Prayer for Monday, May 23

I praise you, God of Glory ~ strong in the power of love, mighty in strength of mercy, king of all that is good. When Satan destroys, you restore. When Satan hates, you love. When Satan accuses, you forgive.  You are the light of the world in Satan’s darkness. When he knocks down my dreams, you give me an extra measure of hope. When he sends enemies to me, you are my shield and the wall of my salvation. When he hates me, you shove him aside and embrace me.

Lord, Satan sends me so many fun things to do that make me neglect you. He wants me to forget you completely. Do not let him. Stand between him and me. Restore in me the desire to do your work on earth.

Thank you, God, for all you did to save me from Satan. It took so long and is still going on.  Two thousand years of no laws, two thousand years of Moses’ many laws, two thousand years of faith in the only one who kept those laws perfectly ~ Jesus the Messiah. You left heaven to be one of us and do for us what we were too weak to do. You conquered death and sin and Satan. Your strength overwhelms me, your love overpowers me. Thank you.

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