Prayer for Wednesday, May 25

Ah, how I praise you, Lord Almighty.  Your grace flows from your throne on high to me in my finiteness.  You are my heart. You are my soul. You are my being. You created me and, like a pet who retrieves what belongs to its master, I retrieve the soul you sent to earth and run to return it to my master. You send me out to fetch souls for you and I do my best to bring each back to his Maker.   It is my delight to return them to you. I see your smile. I see your open arms. I see your love.

What could I have done yesterday that I did not do? There are those people who have invited me to come see them but I did not. Forgive me once again, Lord. Do not tire of forgiving me. I am trying. Help me try harder.

You are all knowing and all wise, Lord God. Further, you have shared your knowledge and wisdom with me in your Bible. You have placed in it all situations a person can ever face and show me what to do and not do. You enter my thoughts and words with your own thoughts and words. You hear my prayers. You are so kind and good to me. May I thank you with my words, my hands, my feet, my smiles, my joys amidst pain and suffering. With you, troubles flutter away in a mist and glory follows them.

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