Prayer for Friday, May 20

I praise you, my amazing Lord, because you are the Creator of all I see and sense and even that which is too small or too far away for me to know. When I look up in the sky and see more stars than can be counted and know I am just a spec in it all, I am overwhelmed with your largeness, your greatness, your magnitude. Yet, I am not too small for you to see and my voice is not too weak for you to hear. How I long to be with you where you are.

Help me not complain. Only a fool complains. When things do not go my way, help me realize what is happening is your will. Remind me always that, wherever I am, whatever I do, I have enough.

Thank you for the new dawn with all the possibilities that lie ahead for me. Refocus my energies to reach out to others as your ambassador.  Thank you for these glorious spring days that you have given me to clear away the cobwebs accumulated during the winter’s rest. Springtime awakens in me a desire to plant my garden, to walk along lazy paths, to watch the birds find the perfect spot and build their cozy nests. Thank you for springtime.

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