Prayer for Saturday, May 21

Ah, how I praise you, my Lord, for your supremacy and power. I laud you for truth and justice which is established by you, and love and mercy that pours out from you. Love is demanding and you never waver from it. If I wander from you, you call my name and run after me to bring me back. You never stop to rest. You never give up on me.  You accept all the responsibilities of love and do everything possible to make it bud and blossom in my heart. Your love will never let me go.

Complaining is the coward’s way. Complaining is helplessness and wanting someone else to solve whatever I want solved. Complaining is a first-cousin of accusing. That is Satan’s way. He wants me to accuse God of causing the problems he causes. Satan, go away from me.

Thank you, Jesus, for dying in my place and facing death and hell for me. Satan didn’t think you could pull it off  but you did.  None of us could have escaped him, so you did it for us, opening the gate out of our captivity to you. You paid the ransom. Then you undid what Satan did; you returned to life!  You made it possible for me to do the same when I die ~ come back to life and live forever.  You made it possible to escape inevitable hell and go to the safety of heaven.

I do not deserve what you did for me. You are so good to me. Open the door, Lord, Open the door and let me enter your realm to live forever with you, my Lord and my God.

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