Prayer for Thursday, May 19

I praise you, Jehovah, for you are eternal in friendship, love, justice, mercy. You provide hope and permanence as you draw me to yourself in your world, in heavenly realms. How sinful I am and how perfect you are! You love me still.  Your love is more powerful than the mightiest mountain, more commanding than the domineering sun, more glorious than the greatest galaxy.  Ah, my Lord, I love you so.

Father, deep down I am lonely. Why is that? Is it because I have centered my life around myself? Help me reach out to others and center my life around them.

Thank you for materializing as Jesus, you in flesh. Then we were able to see and hear how you would speak and act in every kind of life situation. More, you conquered Satan, that shadowy and mysterious ruler of darkness that enshrouds the world with his lies that good is bad and bad is good. Still, you speak to the world in your Book, showing us how to be more than conquerors through you. May I never forget you and your words. Place them in my heart forever so I may thank you from one end of eternity to beyond.

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