My prayer for Friday

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I adore you, Lord God, and worship you.  I laugh with you, cry with you. I am unworthy of all the attention you give me, especially among the millions of others who long for you.  You know my name and follow me around. My thoughts, attitudes, and activities are readily open to you.  My sins are among.  How unworthy I am, but you love me still.  How marvelous and magnificent you are in love and mercy. I worship you.

Thank you for my being able to live in a country that gives me as much freedom as I need to worship you. Even if I must worship you in hiding, I still will have the freedom to find a hiding place.  Every place has valleys and galleys to hide in, and basements, and abandoned buildings and mountain tops. Thank you for the hiding places. And thank you for the heroes who long to worship you so much, they will do anything to do so. Thank you for worship ~ a way to connect believers together for strength and connect with you. Our prayers are diamonds, our songs are silver, our Lord’s Supper rememberings are red rubies, and our reading your love letters are gold.

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