Prayer for Sunday, May 22

Mighty God, I am so small and puny. You are so large and great. Yet, you love me. I am so sinful, you are so perfect. Still you love me. I am so self-serving, you are so others-serving. I continue to be undeserving. You continue to love anyway. In my self-will and thinking that I know more than you, I continue to run from your goodness. You continue to run after me, calling out, “Return to me. You’ll be safe with me..”  Such love overwhelms me. I fall at your feet and feel your warmth and smile as you lean low and kiss my cheek.

Father, I do not know how to search my heart nor to let go of my sins.  I listen to Satan and hoard them to his delight. Help me, God.

Ah, my Lord, you are so good to me, God of all creation and peoples. You notice me though I am so small, and bless me beyond my wildest imagination. Am I using your blessings for your glory? Why have I been so blessed? I have food to keep me alive and healthy, I have clothing to keep me modest and covered against wounds. I have shelter to keep me from the elements.  Then there are the spiritual blessings you have given me. You even know my name. How can I thank you enough for it all?

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