Prayer for Saturday, May 7

I praise and adore you, my God.  You are so far beyond understanding or comprehension. Yet you notice me and everyone else individually, whether in China or the other side of the earth in America or Europe, whether in the north where it is springtime or in the south where it is autumn. You notice people with lives in danger, people in prison, people making speeches, people asleep. Everyone!  You notice and watch and hear all at once as though each of us is the only one you notice, watch and hear. So unbelievable and wondrous. I worship you

Lord, I have been eating too much lately. I didn’t need all the food I ate. I wasn’t really hungry for most of it. I put those things I my mouth for the taste alone. The taste was so fleeting, I had to get another taste and another ~ just indulging in myself. Help me stop doing that.

Thank you for allowing me to converse with you. Without prayer, who would I talk to about these deep and sometimes hidden things? You understand me even when I do not understand myself. You forgive me even when I do not forgive myself. If I do not forgive myself, it robs me of being able to have a second chance and be a new person all over again. Thank you for pouring out your heart to mine in your Bible. There is so much my stubborn mind misses. Satan tries to put blinders on me because he is jealous of you and wants me to rely on him ~ the father of liars. But I’ll keep trying. My copy of your Bible is right here in front of me, just as you are.

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