Prayer for Wednesday, December 21 ~

The scripture for today, December 21, is Matthew 12:21 as found in the New Testament of the Bible:          “In his name the nations will put their hope.”

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Ah, my Lord, I am tired and afraid to hope. The hopes I shouted about before are now just a whisper in the mist.  What shall I do? I will rest and wait in you. I will hope in you. Oh!  What is that?  It’s you! I hear you now, “Come to me. Are you languishing in helplessness? Come.” Lord, I bring to you my wounded heart. I will sit at your feet and lean on you. You will lift me up and comfort me. I will be refreshed. Then, once again, my heart will soar.

Father, I am holding a grudge against someone who said something that offended me. That person probably didn’t even know it had that effect on me. Help me let it go.

I feel a kind of peace right now. Past turmoils seem lost in a fog and wandering farther and farther away. I will rest in this new peace. I will not hope or dream or desire. I will just sigh and bask in your love. It feels warm and good. Is that you smiling, my Lord? Thank you. You always know just what I need.  I bow my head and in my quiet, worship you.

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