Prayer for Thursday, December 22 ~

The scripture for today, December 22, is 1st Samuel 12:22 as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:          “For the sake of his great name, the Lord will not reject his people, because the Lord was pleased to make you his own.”

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Jehovah God, you are my guiding star. Without you I am lost. You are my hope. When my eyes drift from you, you step down and walk silently beside me until I can see and feel you again.  You are my strength. When I am tired, you continue my work for me. You are my light among the shadows. When I sometimes lose faith in you, you never lose faith in me and you forgive my doubts. How can you love me so perfectly? I offer you my soul and worship.

Father, I was a real coward the other day. I was at a diner alone and heard some people talking about the meaning of life. I should have gotten up and asked to join them. But I did not. Forgive me for passing up this opportunity.

Ah, my Lord,, it is morning. The sun is not quite up yet but it will be. It always does. You keep your promises. You never change. I can always trust in you, hope in you, rely on you. No matter how much I change and want you to change, you remain stable, my sure anchor. Thank you for being my God.

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