Prayer for Tuesday, May 17

Your glory gilds my songs of praise to you. You send out majestic beams of heavenly rays on all people, great and small. You brighten my day and enlighten the world around me. You give and expect nothing in return except love. Love begins as a spark and grows in glory the nearer it is to you. You give my soul wings, and I soar to you.

Friends were talking about politics and governments the other day and I joined in with them talking maliciously toward those I disagree with and fear. I must not hate any of them. Help me not hate anyone. They are in place because you put them there to accomplish some special thing.

Your blood, oh God. Your blood slipped out of your body that day so long, long ago. That which ensures life was taken out of you in order to provide life for a lifeless world held captive by Satan. Blood ransom. You ransomed us from Satan against his will, just as you ransomed your people from Pharaoh against his will. But the ransom price was high. So, you materialized and offered your own flesh in my place. You offered your own blood in my place. You offered your life in my place. How can I thank you for freeing my soul from Satan? Unworthy, I rush to you and fall at your feet in eternal gratitude.

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