Prayer for Monday, May 16

The grains of sand are not too small to praise you.  They swell with joy and their hearts enlarge into pebbles. The pebbles cry out to you and their hearts enlarge to boulders. The boulders declare your glory and their hearts enlarge to hills. The hills shout to the meadows how great you are and their hearts enlarge to mountains. The mountains shiver and shake with your magnitude and declare to the whole earth their praises. All you made praise you. You are the high and low of all things. You are the beginning and ending of all things. You are the lover of all things.

Sometimes I have malice in my heart toward my enemies. Help me remember that you love your enemies and I must do the same. Make me pray for them. Soften their hearts and make me ready to share your love when the time is right.

Thank you for family and friends. Thank you for newspapers where I can find strangers to pray for.  Thank you for my neighbors and little children on playgrounds who I can pray for. Thank you for school teachers and government leaders who I can pray for. Thank you for people around the world of all nations and languages for whom you have given the responsibility of praying for.  The responsibility of all this is a glorious one that you entrusted me with. What an assignment. Thank you for your assignment and help me to never forget it.

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