Prayer for Thursday 1/30

0-HS-592 VersesExamined-COVER-ThumbnailI adore you, my God. You are existence and order, peace and tranquility, love and light. Without you there is chaos. Did Satan make darkness, so you outdid him with light?  Did you make the earth, and was it Satan who brought chaos to it? Did you intercede and bring order and beauty to the world? Did you make Paradise, then Satan tried to ruin it?  Ah-ha! Paradise is now safe in your home. Satan is powerless before you.  He falls into the trap of his own lies and ego.  The Tree of Life is safe in your heaven and all ready for me to come home and enjoy its fruit of eternal life. My God, I cannot begin to express the dazzling enormity of all that is you.

Jesus, my Lord, everything about you is bound together with love. Thank you for creating me so I may love and adore you in return. Thank you for standing back and letting Satan get to me so I may flex my spiritual muscles and become even stronger. Thank you for problems and setbacks and rejections so I may rise above them all with you as my strength. And thank you for my family and health and warmth, food and clothing on this cold winter day.


I write to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?


0-HS-592 VersesExamined-COVER-ThumbnailTHE HOLY SPIRIT: 592 VERSES EXAMINED.  I found all the verses in the Bible with the word spirit.  Then I subdivided into categories.  The book tells you everything God wants you to know about his Spirit.  If what you have been told by holy-looking people is not there, it is not true.  Read and study it on your own or use for a Bible study with others.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this:



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