The Road to Heaven

Road to Heaven-COVER-KINDLE-MEDIUMThe long road to heaven began at the Garden of Eden. Through the centuries, God’s plan gradually came together to get that road built for us. The day Jesus came back to life, the road was done. Now what.? As we walk on the road to heaven and draw closer, we realize the glories he has in store for us……..

What does “I’m saved” mean? When I am drowning, I am not saved to the shore, I am saved from the water. In a spiritual sense, we are not saved to heaven. We are saved from something. When Jesus ransomed us, he did not ransom us to heaven. He ransomed us from Death. It all started in the Garden of Eden when God told Adam and Eve, “The day you eat the forbidden fruit, you will die.” And they did. Their spirits died.

This book takes the reader through all the things God did to get us away from Death and back to Him, our creator and the lover of our soul. Yes, he gave us rules. Why? For the same reason, we were given rules as children to keep us from running out into the street and getting run over and killed. Why does God get angry when we break one of his rules? Not because we insulted him but because we have endangered our souls and it is breaking his heart. .The book ends with the promises of heaven. What we will be like. What heaven will be like. And how we yearn for that day when we will, at last, be home.

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