The Lord’s Supper: 52 Readings with Prayers

Supper-Front Cover-Medium165 pages. The Lord’s Supper (Communion, Mass, Last Supper) was kept by the early church every Sunday. This book contains 52 Bible readings about Jesus’ perfect life, the horrors of his death, and inexpressible glory of his resurrection. Two prayers accompany each reading that will touch the hearts of participants.    

This book will stir worshipers who have been keeping the Lord’s Supper for decades with a fresh and deeper insight into the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord. Not only the readings from scriptures but also the prayers will help worshipers touch Jesus and say thank more than ever before.

No longer will those presiding at the Lord’s Supper wonder what to explain, what to pray, how to approach the most meaningful part of Sunday Worship. Everything needed is in this book. ALSO, it can be used by partakers in the congregation for their personal meditation during this time.

A preface at the beginning of the book explains the reasoning behind keeping the Lord’s Supper every Sunday instead of monthly, quarterly, or yearly and the power it can have on a congregation.

It is in large 14 pt. plain font to make public reading easier.

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