Poem ~ The Golden Stairs


 Dedicated to Mommy, Bertha Jane Wills (b. 1882) and Poppy, Frank Scott Goble (b. 1874)

Written by my mother, Mildred  Goble Maddox (b. 1913)

Many years ago you met him at a spring on faraway hill.

As he stood so young and handsome, you knew your life he’d fill.

So you placed your hand in his, started traveling on life’s way ~

Smiling, sharing, living, loving ~ beside him all the way.

Children came to bless this union ~ ten of us girls and boys.

Many hard times because of us, but outnumbered by the joys.

We all grew up and moved away like children always do,

Leaving hearts so sad and lonely ~ again just you two.

Years passed and God, looking down, saw you filled with many cares.

Said “Come on,” to our dear Poppy.  So he climbed the Golden Stairs.

Many years you lived without him, gone beyond the Blue.

Your heart was sad and lonely; just waiting left for you.

Then God in all His wisdom, looking down from heaven up there,

Said, “Come on, be with Poppy.”  Time to climb the Golden Stairs.

Two weeks and more you faltered in that Valley dark and drear.

But you could see the Golden Stairway with Poppy waiting there.

Your feet, so old and feeble, would not move upon the Stairs

‘Til an angel came and touched them.  Then you felt as light as air.

Angels gathered all around you.  God’s light shone on you there.

Poppy waited, reaching for you.  So you climbed the Golden Stairs.

Poppy took you in is arms, held you closely to him there,

Happy that, at last, you’d come, you’d climbed the Golden Stairs.

Hand in hand you both turned briefly, smiling goodbye to us down here.

Our hearts did break, but we were glad you’d climbed the Golden Stairs.

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