Love Letters of Jesus & His Bride, Ecclesia

Love Letters of Jesus & his Bride, Eccelsia-THUMBNAILThe Song of Songs written by King Solomon is a love story between a man and woman but overflows with the symbolism of Jesus Christ and his love for his Bride, his Church, his Ecclesia

Come along with me now in this expansion of the greatest love story in the history of heaven and earth.

Look over their shoulder at their love letters beginning with the time he finds her in the clutches of Satan and pays the terrible blood ransom to free her. He takes her to their Garden and they fall even more in love. Then on to the times she wanders away and he follows her to bring her back to him. Their story ends with Ecclesia calling to him, “Come, Lord Jesus.”.  He replies, “I am coming soon.”

This book is in papyrus font with a watermark of a bride on every page.  However, these extra beauties do not show up in the ebook.  It is best appreciated as a paperback.

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