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Audio International English Bible

Read by translator Dr. Stanley Morris

Easy for English-as-a-second-language listeners and others with limited vocabulary. Only $30





“The Bible dennis-kellys-bible-houseHouse” Discount Books

1/2 price high-quality Bibles, etc.

He has a special section in his store for Katheryn’s books, and is also selling them by mail order at a discount.






Michael Shank’s 

Muscle and a Shovel






F. LaGard Smith’s Bibles and Bible-topic books



BiblicalFlood&Ice Epoch


Written by a scientist to show how the old carbon dating method of calculating the age of the earth, etc. cannot be accurate based on the atmosphere of the earth before the flood.  Fascinating reading.






Sandy Rog’s biblical historical novels





Mesu Andrews’ biblical historical novels








Carole Towriss’ biblical historical novels





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