Book 7: Shadow of Death

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Chap. 1 ~ Pilate:  Soaring to Nothingness

Chap. 2 ~ Simon the Libyan:  The Gauntlet

Chap. 3 ~Crucifixion I:  The Substitute

Chap. 4 ~ Crucifixion II:  Victorious Dying

Chap. 5 ~ Two Thieves:  Stranger in Paradise

Chap. 6 ~ Joseph of Arimathea:  Sleeping Giant

Chap. 7 ~ Graveyard Sentries:  Dawn Eyes

Chap. 8 ~Five Wealth Women II:  Breath of God

Chap. 9 ~ Peter:  Torch Flight

Chap. 10 ~ Big Little James & Alphaeus:  Desert of Sighs

Pilate was cornered by the people, Simon was cornered by the executioners.  
Jesus writhed in pain on the cross that should have been ours 
And invaded hell to provide escape for us.
The thieves struggled with their mortality, 
Joseph struggled with religiosity,
the guards struggled with impossibility.
 Jesus saw the women, pursued Peter,
And enlightened the depressed.


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