Book 4: Folk Hero

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Chap. 1 ~ Pharisee Simon: Pound of Flesh

Chap. 2 ~ Five Wealthy Women: The Benefactresses

Chap. 3 ~ Scribes & Lawyers: Cosmic Chaos

Chap. 4 ~ Demon Diseased: War of the Worlds

Chap. 5 ~ Stormy Weather: Catch the Wind and Water

Chap. 6 ~ The Girl & the Lady: Desperation Point

Chap. 7 ~ Nazareth Neighbors: Golden Boy Conspiracy

Chap. 8 ~ John the Baptist II:  Gates of Glory

Chap. 9 ~ Hungry Hordes: Bread of Kingdom Life

Chap. 10 ~ Syrian Phoenician Girl: A New Age Dawning

Religious leaders cornered him, theologians stalked him,
The wealthy helped him.  
For commoners, he conquered demons, controlled nature, created food,
And destroyed death.
Hometown friends tried to kill him,
While cousin John gained a glory home.



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