365 Golden Bible Thoughts: God’s Heart to Yours

Golden Cover-KINDLE-thumbnailThis is Book 1 in the trilogy Touching God. Each book provides a different way to touch God day by day throughout the year.

Book 1 ~ 365 Golden Bible Thoughts: God’s Heart to Yours

Book 2~ 365 Pearls of Wisdom: God’s Soul to Yours

Book 3 ~ 365 Silver-Winged Prayers: Your Spirit to God’s

Just a brief explanation of how these inspirational thoughts were organized. Each daily scripture was based on the date. For example, March is the third month. Then on March 16th (3/16), the scripture for that day is John 3:16. You get the idea. Other than the above, the daily thoughts are not in order, such as with a story or building a theme. Therefore, you can begin using this book at any time of the year. May you feel as inspired in the reading as I was in the writing.

The beautiful cover is an original by Betsy Kemp Thompson, famed watercolorist.  She has other originals for sale at bit.ly/BetsyWatercolors

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