Book 5 ~ Joseph: The Other Father

Imagine being told by God to guard His Son in a violent world until he is grown.

How does Joseph choose a city in strange Egypt to hide 2-year-old Jesus from Herod’s spies? Does he dare take 4-year-old Jesus to the temple where now-dead Herod’s son slaughters thousands?

How can Joseph protect Jesus with all the skirmishes and killing on roads everywhere with dozens vying to take over as king?

How does Joseph handle the persecution in Nazareth by people who could count and knew Mary was pregnant before marrying Joseph?

What does Joseph do with Jesus in Nazareth, just three miles from Sepphoris, hotbed of zealot protesters, when a Roman legate burns the city and crucifies 2000 more zealots in Jerusalem?

In what ways does Joseph teach Jesus how to be a skilled carpenter in sometimes dangerous situations, and avoid being mauled in the mountains when they cut trees for lumber?

How many times, when Jesus was in danger did Joseph cry out, “God, help me protect our Son!”?

(NOTE: A year before Jesus’ death, he was rejected in Nazareth where they said, “Isn’t this the son of the carpenter?” In present tense. He was alive way past the time Jesus was twelve years old.)  SEE REVIEWS BELOW

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*****-Oh my, such a touching book. – Cleo Wise

So little is known about Joseph.  This book gives us an idea of what he may have been like. What a responsibility to raise the Son of God.  I do not have the words to express how this book made me feel.  It was sweet, it was sad, it was suspenseful. I enjoyed it very much. I highly recommend Joseph, The Other Father.

*****-Amazing! – Fire Mike

This is an amazing story.  How the author researched and wrote it is beyond me. Such an important time in Catholic history.  The author did a fantastic job of treating Jesus and Joseph like father and son, even though we know that they are so much more than that.  To think about the private moments between these two blessed people is really unimaginable. However, the author wrote a story that could have happened and I hope that some of it did. What a beautiful relationship. I also liked that the author included a lot of what we know from the Bible to make the story more realistic.  Mary also plays an important role and was not forgotten by the author. I am giving this book 5/5.

***** – Worth Every Penny – history lovers, fiction lovers, Bible lovers all – Rachel Helms

Each book in this series – Intrepid Men of God – just gets better and better. The writing is superb, the historical research excellent. It reads like a regular novel, but you know that the backbone of the story really happened. I particularly enjoyed this book, as it described the life of two men – both Joseph and his Son Jesus.

We get our introduction to Joseph prior to when we first meet him in the Bible. He’s a bit younger, hasn’t met Mary, and is shown with a unique personality, a strength of character, that’s continued throughout the entire book. The emotions generated by the story seem more real and immediate than when you read the Bible story. It makes you eager to dig into the Bible, find out what you many have missed, and learn more about the backstory and other people that you encounter in this narrative.

While the focus is on Joseph, details on Mary and other characters aren’t skimped over. You get to meet many people in their lives and feel as if you could walk the streets of Nazareth with them. The scenery is well described, yet doesn’t impede the flow of the story. You feel the dust of the streets beneath your feet, hear the whistle of a rock flying through the air.

Overall, I’d give this book a five out of five stars. Excellent character development, the ebb and flow of the story, the variety of characters that appear without being overwhelming, all contribute to the book. Well worth the money.

***** – Great Book.  FRANCES.  

An awesome book. Makes you consider Jesus human side. It was a real inspiration to me. Love reading her books.

*****Wonderful Story of Jesus and His Earthly Father.  HELEN

Joseph: The Other Father, written by Katheryn Maddox Haddad, is book 5 in the Intrepid Men of God series. This is a fictional story of Joseph, Mary and Jesus and their family and friends. The story starts with Joseph as a young single man who is a woodworker. Trouble seems to follow Joseph where ever he goes. He meets Mary at Zachariah’s and eventually marries her and has a family.
The story mainly focuses on the work Joseph does and how he is as a father to Jesus. After Jesus is born, Joseph is forced to move around to keep Jesus safe. Jesus often finds himself in dangerous situations and Joseph prays to God to keep their son safe. As Jesus gets older, Joseph tries to let Jesus know what his life is going to be like.
This is an awesome story in the sense that it makes me think about what it must have been like for Joseph to know he was raising God’s son and not knowing what was going to happen. And how did Jesus know when and how he would fulfill his Father God’s plan for his life.
The author has taken parts of the Bible and used it as the basis for this story. She has done much research of the political and military situations of the time. At times it was hard to remember that this was a fictional story. The Bible does not tell us much about Joseph and his life, using Matthew 5: 55, the author builds this wonderful story. Referring to this verse, she writes that Joseph is alive during Jesus’s ministry.
I love this book and feel it is a book that is a must-read for anyone that enjoys biblical fiction. 
I received a copy of this book from the author through Book Club Network. I have freely chosen to write this honest review.

***** – I really enjoyed reading it.  MARIE

This is such an inspiring book. I really enjoyed reading it. You really caught the essence of how it must have felt to be Jesus’s father.

*****Great Retelling of Joseph.  DEANA.

My first thought after reading this book is WOW! My goodness, the author brought someone from the Bible and made him so real to me . The story is about Joseph. Most of us know who Joseph was and how vital he was to the story of Jesus. What I liked about the book is how intricate each detail was. It could not have been easy to have a girlfriend pregnant during this time period. How do you explain that she is pregnant but you didn’t have anything to do with it? The faith that Joseph had was undeniable. His fierce sense of protecting Mary was powerful.

As Jesus grew, Joseph patiently showed him the skills of a carpenter. I loved the details of the town they were in and the dangers that surrounded them. Joseph was a man that took his responsibilities with great determination. The author writes with great knowledge and brings a story that captivates readers with her words that glide seamlessly across the pages. I felt like I was there watching Jesus with his father as he became a man. The times they shared together as a family was beautifully written.

I loved how the author takes a character from the Bible and builds their story in a way that you feel like you know them personally. The historical research is well documented and made the story incredible. I am anxious to read more from this author.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network. The review is my honest opinion.

***** – Five Stars.  Anne Cartwright

I loved this book and will recommend to others.

*****Excitement, History, and Truth.  M.A.

Wow! “Joseph: The Other Father,” by Katheryn Maddox Haddad, is an amazing work of historical/biblical fiction. This is the second book I have read from this author and I love her writing style and the way she brings the Bible to life for me. Ms. Haddad has written over thirty books.
In this book, she creates the story of Joseph, and what “could have been” in his earlier years. She helped me feel how scary it would (could) have been to be raising the Son of God, and to strongly desire to do it right! I had never before thought about what a heavy burden Joseph and Mary carried, knowing that Jesus would suffer a horrid death, and knowing that there was nothing they could do to change it! This little boy that they so dearly loved, and spent their lives trying to protect, would one day perform miracles and be rejected by many.
“Joseph: The Other Father” is a book I can highly recommend. I received this book from The Book Club Network and the author, in exchange for my honest review.

***** – Five Stars.  Gloria S. Waddell

Good book

**** – Another Great Story – MYRNA

I find that thru this type of characterization. I am able to recall those important events I love from the Bible easily.

***** Joseph, the Frequently Unsung Bible Hero – Mama Cat

This novel about Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father, is a compelling account of what it might have been like for this man of God to raise the Son of God. It is well-written and researched for authentic political and social norms. The author has a gift for presenting complex characters, realistic dialog, and remarkable descriptions of the setting. It is a fictional account based on known Biblical and historical facts, exploring the “missing years” of Jesus’ life and how His earthly parents, siblings, and peers could have seen Him.

When reading the accounts of Jesus’ birth in scripture, it is often challenging for those of us who know little about the culture and political climate in which he was born. This is particularly true for the generations after the Baby Boomers when there was much less stigma attached to being pregnant before one’s wedding. What does the average person reading the Bible know about a betrothal or the punishment for a woman caught in adultery … especially evidenced by pregnancy? What it might have been like for Joseph to go from door to door, trying to find a place for Mary to have her child? How might Mary’s family responded to her avowal of being a virgin, yet pregnant, and Joseph’s response?

The details and conversations in this novel may not be taken as gospel truth with the exceptions of those taken from Scripture. The author has availed herself of trustworthy sources to show us what life might have been like for Joseph, Mary, Jesus, and their other children. For example, I had the impression that Joseph eked out a living as a carpenter; it never occurred to me that carpenters could be artisans in high demand. Learning about the background of Egypt during the several years after Jesus’ birth helped show what a risky undertaking it was to travel and find a safe haven until the Lord told them to return to Israel. And being a younger sibling who doesn’t feel he/ she measures up to an older sibling? Some of the animosity Jesus faced had to have been from at least one, possibly more, of his brothers and sisters.

The author shows the kind of man and woman it would take to rear the Son of God. Not only was their faith able to stand the test of time and circumstances, but if they were not 100% dependent on the Lord before they were told of Jesus’ coming, they definitely became a couple of extravagant prayer and faith after! The days and years were dangerous, not simply during the years of Herod’s reign. Yet there were times of joy as Mary and Joseph make the best of their days, increase their family, and Joseph relies on the “other Father”, our Father, to raise none other than God’s beautiful Son.

One of the things I enjoyed was ‘meeting’ others who we know from the Bible, such as John the Baptist and his parents, Elizabeth and Zacharias, as well as the Sons of Thunder (James and John), Peter and Andrew, and their parents. Another was learning more about Egypt, for example, the many no longer used palaces.

Included is a study guide with several questions that coordinate with topics of each chapter. They are excellent points of view for an individual to ponder as well as enhance a study group. I highly recommend this novel to those who enjoy Biblical fiction, particularly of the New Testament during the time of Jesus’ life.

***** – How People Really Lived Back in Jesus’ Time On Earth. Marion Whiting

This is undoubtedly the best Biblical Fiction book I have ever read. I realized how things really were back in Jesus time on earth. There were customs that I had not been aware of. It showed how the people really lived.
I saw Joseph and his responsibilities and how seriously he must have taken them in a new light.
Don’t miss this book.

***** – Historical Christian Fiction. jcr61312

Joseph: The Other Father is an interesting book in the series Intrepid Men of God by Katheryn Maddox Haddad. The author imagines what it might have been like for Mary and Joseph to accept the responsibility of raising the Son of God for His purpose on earth. For the novel the author creates realistically their thoughts and actions pertaining to their family life. She also conveys what an enormous task this was to protect and guide Jesus to the age of his assigned mission. Nothing written seems too unlikely to have happened in their life. The author, as she states, has given Jesus words and expressions to show the kind of relationships he had with his family, especially with his earthly father. She relies upon the written history of Flavius Josephus, a Jewish historian of the first century for events and noted happenings.
She also provides a possible time and explanation of Joseph’s death, in keeping with the scripture (a year before Jesus’ death)—“Isn’t this the son of the carpenter”—stated in present tense—just a year before Jesus’ death. I recommend this novel that very satisfyingly depicts a possible life of Joseph, as well as that of Jesus. I received this book through TBCN in exchange for an honest review.

***** – This is an amazing story. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Pamela Pond

This is an amazing story. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. This book made me think about what it must have been like to be the other father of Jesus. I like a book that makes me think. This book is one I will recommend to my friends.

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