Fill-in-the-blank Workbooks

Study Book 1 – Survey of Old Testament (and how it relates to the N.T.)

Study Book 2 – Matthew’s Life of Christ (coordinated with the other three gospels)

Study Book 3 – Acts of the Apostles (with overview of the culture of each city)

Study Book 4 – Letters of the Apostles 1 (Apostle Paul’s letters)

Study Book 5 – Letters of the Apostles 2 (Apostles James, Peter, Jude, John)

Study Book 6 – Questions You Have Asked 1 (collected through the years)

Study Book 7 – Questions You Have Asked 2 (collected through the years)

The Bible is easy to understand. It is people who make it complicated. These lessons are surveys, not in-depth studies.

Despite good intentions, many people in our fast-paced world today find it difficult to find time to learn the Bible. If you are one of these, this book is for you. You will be in and out of the study in no time.

The questions are easy. They go right down the line, verse by verse.

For the OLD TESTAMENT and LIFE OF CHRIST, each week is subdivided into days so you need not spend more than about ten minutes a day of learning. Remember, your best learning is done when you are studying alone.

When/If you get together with others using this book, since you have already looked up all the verses in your Bible at home, it is suggested that you go through all the answers in a timely and lively manner. But do take your Bible with you to your study group. Sometimes we miss-read a verse and get a wrong answer (in a hurry that day?) so those are the verses you will want to look up when together with your study group.

For further ease in study, the group may wish to all use Bibles with the same page numbers. In that case, your group leader may wish to supply you with a list of page numbers a week ahead of time for the few scriptures referred to in other parts of the Bible.


Try to set aside an hour and a half for your study group. Spend your first half hour sharing your past week with each other, followed by a prayer for each other. You can go through all the questions allotted for each week in the remaining hour.

Should questions arise requiring more in-depth study, write them down. Then, at the end of your eight- or ten-week study, set aside a month for them. Use a concordance and look up everything in the Bible has to say about that subject. That is easy to do.

I guarantee that you will learn so much in just one week, you will be thrilled. Many people using these lessons say they learn more in one week than they do in a year normally. I hope this does not describe your past; but if it does, tell yourself, “And this is just the beginning!”

The study of ACTS is unique in that…. *It gives a chronology of events from the book of Acts including the circumstances under which each congregation was established. *A pause in the chronology is made when a letter was written to a congregation to show the circumstances of its writing. *Letters appear in the order they were written rather than grouped by writer of the letter as it appears in the New Testament. *A theme for each letter is given beginning with the same letter or sound as the name of the letter. Memorize the themes *A background of the congregation’s city is given in order to help understand why some things were included in the letter. *Verses depicting the theme are summarized at the beginning.

REGARDING THE QUESTIONS WORKBOOKS, through the years, people have asked me a variety of honest questions that they have never found a satisfactory answer to. They are likely to be your questions too. Here is your chance to find out the answers for yourself.

This study is not to tell you what to believe, but to guide you in your own Bible research to answer your own questions. In every lesson, unless stated otherwise, every verse in the Bible on that topic is listed and considered. If we just pick and choose the verses that lean toward our opinions, we cannot be sure we have God’s opinion. It is God who we want to please. Only he has the power to rescue us from hell and share with us his heavenly home.

May these study books open up new doors of knowledge for you, and new depths of appreciation for our Lord and Savior.


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