Prayer for Thursday, December 29

Jehovah God, your Master Plan of saving us from Satan is perfect and spectacular.  It will continue, no matter how much we humans and Satan fight it. It will be carried out to the glorious end. Your will shall be carried out because you have the strongest will of all ~ love, justice, mercy. You shall win over Satan and some day walk with me home to heaven. I worship at your feet.

Forgive me when I blame others for sinning and am not willing to look at my own sins. Help me overlook and forgive them, and bury my ego.

Thank you, Lord, for all those who have gone before me in the faith. People like Abraham and Joseph and Elijah who stood alone to believe in and follow you. Thank you for the apostles, their hard work, and enduring terrible pain when he slowly killed them rather than deny you.  Thank you for Christians around the world who believed in you, even when the other people in their countries ~ China, India, Africa, Europe ~ did not. Thank you for those who stood up against changing your rules, even though it meant being burned at the stake. Thank you for my own ancestors, some of whom were loyal to you to the end. May I follow their example and be a faithful Christian ancestor to my descendants.

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