Prayer for Wednesday, June 22

You, God, are the only God. There was none before you and can never be another. None higher or lower. You are self-existent. The child was born ~a Son ~ and he was called everlasting Father, mighty God. What a thought. What a concept. What a resounding declaration. You are the First Cause of all things that exist. You are the fountainhead of every movement. You are the Great Will that the world submits to save itself from being void. Without you there is no order, no cause, no truth, no good, no life. I will praise you alone. I will praise you to my friends. I will praise you to strangers around the world, great and small. To you belongs all honor, glory and majesty.

Father, I am facing bitterness again. I want to think well of everyone, but cannot always do it. When someone insults me, help me bless.  When someone takes advantage of me, help me bless. When someone lies to me or betrays me, help me bless.

God, I have been materially blessed with a decent home to live in and reliable transportation. I have been spiritually blessed with your Bible that pours out your thoughts and exposes your heart. The church here is loving. I have good neighbors. I have a vegetable garden. Flowers too. The sun is shining. It is summer. Thank you.

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