Prayer for Tuesday, April 19

I worship you, Jehovah. I am so unworthy of your attention. Yet, you think about me every day, every moment. You are farther above me in love than the most distant star. Your mercy plunges into the depths of the ocean where sometimes my spirit struggles to breathe. You go where ever you are needed to take care of your bride.  Me your bride? I am overwhelmed.

Yesterday I was with friends and complained about a congregation. Complaining to people is the same as complaining to you. Help me rise above it.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for all you have done for me in my sinfulness. You saved me from punishment for my own sins, the punishment I deserve, not you. Your love for me is unstoppable though I am unworthy. You are strong.  I am weak. I cannot comprehend such love. I do not deserve it. I will spend every day of my life thanking you. And thank you for your Bible that explains all I need to know. It even has answers to questions I haven’t thought of yet! How astonishing and wonderful.

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