Prayer for Wednesday, April 13

I adore you, glorious God. You are my Maker and Lover. You lift me up and honor me. Oh, my. You are the one who deserves all honor, all respect, all heavenly nobility. Everything you do is right. How can you keep us all sorted out? It is amazing. You are magnificent and wise beyond all my understanding. I stretch my mind to comprehend you. I sing softly a love song to you. It mingles with my tears and then I smile.

Lord, someone began a conversation yesterday about how you created everything. You never told anyone how; you just said you did. Your creation was your miracle. We cannot explain miracles. But I jumped in with some opinions I’d heard. How silly of me to keep a conversation going that cannot come to any conclusion. Forgive me.

Thank you, God, for your Bible so I do not have to guess what you are like and what your Plans are for mankind and the world. We are here for a purpose. I thank you for the confidence you have placed in me to do my part in proving Satan wrong and dangerous. Thank you for allowing me to fight with you and help fulfill your glorious purposes for the world.

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