Muslim women resist conversion

Peace, but not at our cost: Afghan women fear Taliban return | World News |  Manorama

It is easy to convert the men over there.  But not the women.  They are very resistant.  I had one convert in Iraq whose wife sent for the men in her tribe who then beat up on our new brother.  He wouldn’t recant, so a few months later she took their two young children and left.  After two years, he still wouldn’t recant. So she turned him in to the authorities, declaring he was a Christian and should be imprisoned.  When nothing happened, she sued him and took him to court.  The night before the hearing, he wrote me asking me to pray that he did not deny Jesus in court.
Wellll, being the red-blooded American that I am, I got on Facebook.  I have the URLs of about 50 CoC Facebook pages.  I went on all fifty of them asking for their prayers.  Oh, my. God answers us far above that which we ask.  Our brother got to court and the Iraqi judge threw the case out.
I had another convert in Kurdistan (N. Iraq). She converted a man and married him.  He went to Turkey on business and left her in the care of his mother.  She locked our sister in a room and beat her all day every day trying to get her to return to Islam.
Now in Afghanistan, my male converts are usually converted first and it takes them a few years to convert their wives.  I have one convert whose wife is very angry at him.  He runs an English school.  I think she turned him in to ISIS because they threatened him and he had to go into hiding.
The reason?  I think the women do not like change.  Only one out of four women there can even read and write their own language.  So they have to take the word of their husbands and the word of the local imams.  Which one is right?  She has no way of knowing.  All she knows is that her husband is now in danger. That makes her and the children in danger.  Illiteracy breeds fear.
I need to get over there and teach the women (those who know English, of course) what’s in the Bible.  I can show them from a Bible written in Dari.  And I need to explain things from a woman’s point of view. Her motivation is not only safety but betrayal.  When no longer a Muslim, her friends leave her.  Even her children’s friends leave them.  She becomes lonely.  I understand.  I have many gray hairs.  They know I understand.  I can communicate with them woman to woman.  And so I will.

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  1. deeds different flocks,the words of Jesus, Who is my mother,my sister,my brother, he replies, they do what the Father asks, compassion, kindness, the gifts of the Spirit lift the Spirits, in these times, why do we look to far off places while ignoring the troubles at home, amen, Islam has Jesus at number three, it’s time all who believed understood, that Jesus ties all belief together, amen

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