Give me souls or else I die

Was Jesus God-COVER-kindle-mediumI praise you God of creation. You are the only God, the self-existent one. You are at once the Child who was born, the Son also called Father, and Mighty God. You are the one I worship.  I adore you and look up to you as my Maker, my Protector, my Redeemer from Satan. How can you allow me to be so close to you? It is because you love me without limit. Satan fears you. May I always stand on your side and never believe any of Satan’s lies. No matter what Satan lambastes me with ~ disease, handicap, loss of family, loss of possessions ~ I will never blame you as he wants, and I will remain faithful.  The real world is not here!  It is in your realm. How I adore you.

Lord, I am still discouraged. Why won’t your kingdom grow where I am living? What am I doing wrong that I could be doing to represent you better? Why do lost souls wander from me with their excuses? Oh, Lord, give me souls or else I die.

Father, no matter how lonely and deserted I feel sometimes, I will never forsake you and never compromise. You never forsook me and never compromised. Keep reminding me of that. I shall continue to tell others how much you love them. Until the day I die, I will declare you are the only God and love them so they can open their eyes, see you as you are, and thank you for never giving up on them.  And me ~ you have never given up on me. I bow to you in gratitude.


Was Jesus God-COVER-kindle-thumbnailWAS JESUS GOD (WHY EVIL?) was written for people of pagan religions.  Its parallel version written for Christians is THE ROAD TO HEAVEN.  Hundreds of scriptures are used to explain the long road to heaven from that first sin in the Garden of Eden so long ago.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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Was Jesus God? (Why Evil?)

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