Come. Let’s take a walk.

inside-cover-mediumAh, my Lord and my God. How beautiful and wonderful heaven will be, for you will be there. You are beautiful and wonderful in everything you think and do. You have the beauty of holiness, of purity, of ultimate love, mercy, goodness. I cannot comprehend anyone so perfect. When you were on earth, you revealed your perfection and people either used you or hated you.  I would feel completely inadequate in your presence and want to hide were it not for your love. You smile and say, “Come, let us take a walk together. Tell me what is on your mind. Let’s work through things together, you and I.” You are overwhelming in your love, and so I worship you.

It is in the middle of summer and I do love summer so much, my God. I can do things outside in the sunshine I cannot do inside during the winter. I love a breeze flowing through my hair, picking dandelion bouquets, digging in the cool dirt to weed my garden, exploring a new walking path, wading in a creek, drinking water out of a well, swinging at the park, delighting in fireflies. I love tasting fresh fruit off a tree, then sitting under its shade. looking up at the sky through the green leaves and towering branches. Thank you for summertime.


Inside-COVER-lg thumbnailINSIDE THE HEARTS OF BIBLE WOMEN is a multi-use book.  It can be used for private reading or in classes, retreats, etc.  Footnotes throughout refer to thought questions.  An audio of the author reading is also available. A large teacher’s and advertising manual is available to make it an outreach to the community.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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INSIDE THE HEARTS OF BIBLE WOMEN ~ with Leader’s Manual & Audio

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