Even now I see your glory

0-BK 8-ComeFlyWithMe-Cover-Thumbnail-NewAh, my Lord, just as you fed the slaves who escaped Egypt and wandered forty years in a wilderness, you feed me food for my body to keep me alive and food for my soul to make me eternal.  Just as you provided water for them in their wilderness, you provide clean water for me and the spiritual water that flows on forever. Just as you led them in a column of fire at night, you lead me with fire in my heart for you and fires of cleansing to make me pure.  Just as you led them in a cloudy column by day, you lead me with cloudy mists of what it will be to follow you right into heaven. When this wilderness comes to an end, I will be forever home.

I adore you, Jehovah, my God, my Creator, my Savior, my Father, everlasting who was, who is, and who evermore shall be. You are so much better to me than I deserve. I live in a free country and you have saved me to live in your heavenly country. I am sinful but you keep forgiving me even and share your holiness with me. The angels declare who you are and it echoes from world to world. The saved who have gone before me fall prostrate before you. Cherubim and seraphim worship you.  Though I cannot see you, my soul through a mist senses you all around me, hovering over me,  swirling softly around me, and lifting me up to soar with you.  Even now I see your glory.


0-BK 8-ComeFlyWithMe-Cover-Thumbnail-NewCOME FLY WITH ME is biblical lyrical novel #8 in the THEY MET JESUS series.  It begins with the eleven (promising Judas has committed suicide) in hiding in a house in Jerusalem, sitting in their agony, no one talking.  Only the dark, dark mourning over what should have been and is forever lost.  It ends with all the apostles on their thrones in heaven and old John, one of their number, visits heaven with the one who was dead and now is alive in glory forevermore.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….  https://bit.ly/2OzEnXc


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Book 8: Come Fly With Me

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