You smile and the deserts awaken.

0000-BK 1-StarSong-Cover-new-MediumIt is morning. The sun is red and gold with excitement, for you returned to earth life on a Sunday morning after all the earthquakes. You showed the world how you are indeed God. You light up the world and brighten my day. You bring love and laughter into my life and the stars sing. You take a step and the earth quakes. You breathe and the oceans roll. You smile and the deserts awaken.  Ah, Lord God, you are my world.

I feel as though I have looked for seekers all my life so I can bring them to you, but it is never enough. There are so few seekers. Help me find a way to meet them and recognize them. I am so far from doing what needs to be done.

I thank you because you are so powerful in what is right and never give in. You would not be God if you did. You are strong in justice but find ways to temper it with mercy.  When Satan accuses, you forgive. When Satan makes sick, you heal. When Satan creates bitterness, you create peace. When Satan trapped our souls and we could not break away, you materialized and took our punishment for us. You paid the death ransom because we were too weak. In your mighty power, you set us free. How amazing you are. In my sinfulness, you see me as white and pure.  My soul enlarges and bursts with deep thankfulness.


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