Prayer for Tuesday 2/11

0-Titus-Cover-Lg ThumbI praise you, Lord God, for your marvelous Plan for the universe and for mankind. Though Satan is always around trying to thwart your Plan, he is not strong enough. He thinks he is because his ego is so large. But, even with his most masterful plan to destroy, you laugh at him and say, “Do your best. You will lose.”  Your Plan to save mankind from him is firmly in place. May more and more people realize they are in danger from Satan who is always lurking in the shadows of everything they do.  May they open their eyes and understand your Plan.  May they draw close to you and your great light of safety. May they happily bow at your throne of majesty. It is not cowardice to run to you; it is wisdom.

Thank you, my Lord, for putting your Words in flesh so we could see you, hear you and walk with you a while, just as you did in the Garden of Eden at the beginning.  When you spoke, that was God speaking.  When you entered a home, that was God entering the home.  When you laughed and cried, that was God laughing and crying.  Though not now, someday you will let me once again walk with you in the garden of heaven. How I long for that day. Keep the door open for me, Lord. Keep it open. I’m walking your way. Do you see me?  I’m headed home.


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0-Titus-Cover-Lg ThumbTITUS: THE ARISTOCRAT is the last novel in the INTREPID MEN OF GOD SERIES.  Titus was raised in Antioch where the elite lived. Everyone spoke pristine Latin, not the sluggish Greek of the commoners. Titus and his father, become estranged at the sudden death of his mother.  When grown, he married his ice queen from Nordlands and becomes a famous lawyer solving unsolvable crimes.  Then he meets Paul, becomes a Christian, and Paul sends him to congregations with problems as an arbitrator. But when Paul sends him north to barbarian territory, the unexpected happens.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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