My prayer for Friday

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My God, your steadfastness and predictability reassure me every day that you keep your promises. I see it in all you created ~ the repeated path of the stars, the rotation of the planets, the regrowth of hair and fingernails, the germination of a seed to reproduce more seeds, animals, and people who reproduce ourselves, the rising and ebbing of the tides, the cycle of the seasons. Everything you set in motion has stayed in motion just like you have. You are the self-existent one and you never change. Therefore, I completely trust you and that you will fulfill all your promises to me.

Lord, thank you for the animals large and small that you put here for our delight and to help us in our work.  Big and gruff ones, little and gentle ones.  Tough-skinned ones and fluffy ones.  Once they trust us, they become inseparably close to us and love us better than we do them sometimes. Such loyalty.  They realize they cannot think of the kinds of things we think of or do the kinds of things we do. When they begin to rely on us and love us at the same time, we become gods to them. They are examples of what we should feel for you, our Holy God. Thank you for their innocent trust.

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