My prayer for Monday

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I praise and magnify you in my heart until it swells with awe and deep veneration. Ah, my Lord, to be able to comprehend you. You must smile when you see me try. I am like an ant trying to understand the mind of a human. You are so large, I only have a fleeting glimpse of you. It is like a mite sitting on my arm trying to see all of me. The mite can only see what its tiny eye can see up close, and that is me. You are larger than the unmeasurable universe, for you are its Maker. The very thought of you is breathtaking.

Jesus, I try to thank you every way I can think of and know how.  It’s never enough, for I could never show gratitude even close to the sacrifice you made in my place. You did not have to die. You weren’t the one sinning. But, we had been kidnapped by Satan and you were the only one strong enough to pay the ransom he wanted ~ the death of God. Thank you for tricking him! Oh, how I smile when I think about how you fooled him and came back to life. The ransom had been paid and he could do nothing about it. You had set us free. How amazing you are. I fall at your feet and worship.

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