My prayer for Tuesday

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Almighty and majestic God of my heart and soul. You are so astonishing. You made all I can see and more.  You even left the spark of life in things so I could re-create with you. You left so much unmade to delight my imagination. You provided all I needed and more. How I love my garden. You did everything just right and I, your child, magnify you in my doings and makings and creatings.

My Lord, thank you that people I know are treating the “underdogs” better and accepting them more warmly. And thank you for the people in the newspaper, most going through difficulties and even tragedies, and who could use encouragement. I need to buy some notepaper and envelopes and some stamps. It only takes a moment to jot down a note of encouragement and a prayer for them. Satan will not win. When I am down, I will let others help me. When others are down, I will want to help them. Together, we will march on Satan, the Destroyer, and win. Thank you for trusting in me to represent you on earth.

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