My prayer for Monday

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I look up to you, God of heaven and earth and of my life. You are always good and right and never change what right is. You are always just but tempered with mercy. Your judgment is perfect. Your actions and movements among mankind are right.  I can always depend on that.  That is why you are God. I claim you as mine, and you make me your child. I worship you above all things.

For heaven, my Home, I thank you. Ah, I can hardly wait to get there. You have prepared a place for me and I will see loved ones gone long ago. And Adam and Abraham and Jeremiah and Joseph and John. We will certainly be busy, won’t we? What a heavenly choir we will be as we join together at your throne and make our songs resonate around your glorious throne. What a grand day it will be. Thank you for the promise of heaven in the morning.

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