My prayer for Sunday

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Oh, God, you are water in a desert, calm in a storm, a sheltering wing in fear. You are warmth in the snow, light in the dark, a breeze in the heat. You are a song in loneliness, strong breath in sickness, and the lover of my soul. You made me in your likeness, and though I am imperfect in my weak efforts to be like you, I will always praise you and draw closer to you than I was before.

Thank you for souls you have led to me. Thank you for giving me the heart to share your love with them and knowledge of how to have a better life here and eternal life with you. Ah, I am always so elated when they decide to come to you and spend the rest of their life as Christians. Send me more, Father. Send me more so we can work together to help them escape temptations and be safe in your everlasting arms.

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