Do you like me?

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When people search blogs to find one to subscribe to, they often check the bottom to see if very many people have “LIKED” what they read that day.

Many of you wonderful subscribers tell me you like these daily inspirational thoughts and even share them on other websites and emails, but you are not counted among the “LIKES” at the bottom of my page for searchers to see.

So that searchers don’t have to read the minds of my wonderful readers, can you start “LIKING” me when you are moved or challenged by any of my daily thoughts?

I’d like that!

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One thought on “Do you like me?

  1. I dearly love everyone of your articles & “never” delete them. I go back & reread many of them. However, I haven’t been clicking ” like “. Thanks for this article because if it helps YOU I’ll click it everytime from now on. XOXO

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