Today is my birthday

Ken & Me

This is my brother, Kenneth, and I when we were two. We used to argue who was oldest. He said he was because he was born at 8:00 in the morning and I was born at 7:00 in the morning and 8 is a bigger number than 7.   Can’t argue with that!

Above are Ken and I in High School.  Below is us around the late Viet Nam era.

We’ve perfected singing happy birthday to each other as a duet.

This Saturday, I gave myself a 78th birthday party at my home. Instead of bringing me a gift, I asked my guests if they’d bring a donation to the Arab Palestinian preacher for the church of Christ in Jerusalem and towns nearby. It is very difficult for them. The Muslims don’t bother the Christians much except to pressure them to stop being Christians. There are Israeli checkpoints everywhere, making travel difficult.  Sometimes they meet in fields because the owner of the building they rent tells them to leave. A lot with no building in Jerusalem costs $1 million. If anyone is interested in this work, there is a new website for it at

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