The Easter story~1

Book 6: Promise Keeper

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Chap. 1 ~ Zacheus:  Outcast Meets Outcast

Chap. 2 ~ Mary of Bethany:  Spirit King

Chap. 3 ~Citizens of Kingdom Earth:  Day Extraordinaire

Chap. 4 ~ Grecians:  Shores of a Broader World

Chap. 5 ~ Sacrificial Lamb:  God Essence

Chap. 6 ~ Judas II:  Fallen Star

Chap. 7 ~ Angel & the Devil:  Citadel of Shadows

Chap. 8 ~Deserters:  Power in the Breaking

Chap. 9 ~ Annus & Caiaphas:  High and Unmighty

Chap. 10 ~ Herod Antipas:  Shadow Boxing

A traitor praised him, a woman crowned him, foreigners sought him. 
The world ran after him, Judas ran from him, his apostles deserted him. 
He held his own funeral service, then begged God to free him of his promise. 
The religious leaders were unmasked, 
And Herod wrestled with just who he was.


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