Sunday 1/28 ~ Perhaps your child will return to God someday

The scripture for today, January 28 (1/28), is 1st Chronicles 1:28 as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:

00-PAUL COVER-Thumbnail-“The sons of Abraham: Isaac and Ishmael.”

Are you a parent with a grown or nearly-grown child who is going in the wrong direction? Have you tried everything you can think of, and nothing is working? Do you know in your heart that you have been a good example and things shouldn’t have turned out like they have?

Abraham has been called the Father of the Faithful. Yet he had one son who followed Jehovah ~ Isaac ~ and one son who followed idols ~ Ishmael. Certainly, Abraham tried everything he could to “talk some sense” into Ishmael. Certainly, he prayed earnestly for Ishmael. So what went wrong?

Just as God has given each of us free will, our children also have free will. Just as God will never force us to follow him, we cannot force our children to follow God. You did not refrain from having your children because they may have difficulties in their life, and neither did God. And when our children rebel and break our hearts, imagine what God goes through when we rebel and break his heart.

Who knows? Perhaps your child will return to God someday in your old age, or even after you have died. If your child deep down has a good heart, that is enough for God to work with.

Keep hope alive.


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2 thoughts on “Sunday 1/28 ~ Perhaps your child will return to God someday

  1. Lauretta E Melendez

    The book of Proverbs says..train up a child in the way they should go and when they’re old they’re not depart from it..sure they have their own will..but God said I save you, I’ll save your whole household, that includes all in my household.
    I know I grew up in in a household that my Mom served the Lord and my Dad was an alcoholic and didn’t go to Church, but Mom kept us in Church and prayed for us. Now that I look back over my life’s history of family members all three brothers followed the ways of the world 2 are deceased and the other brother knows the way but goes his own wa, my sister is 74yrs old knows the Lord but follows after our Father’s ways. I thank God that he’s revealed himself to me as Abba my daddy my Poppa, he lives me, and I Love him..I’m so grateful and thankful he saved me and anointed me for his Ministry work in the Kingdom.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share my heart.
    Pastor Lauretta Melendez

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