Saturday 12/30 ~ The Wings of Time

2017 rainbow

The Wings of Time

What was that which just flew by
On wings of a whisper and a sigh ~
The form was vague, the hues o’er cast ~
In to the arms of eager past?

Now ’tis still, it’s ceased to flee,
And I am amazed at what I see.
Hard to perceive when viewed so near ~
Yesterday, last week, entire year.

Wait!  Not yet!  Do not depart!
Didn’t it just recently start?
How can it be?  It’s out of hand.
Nothing worked out like I had planned.

No mountain I see, nor great temple.
The year I built was plain and simple.
But I reflect with kinder view ~
The form its shape, the colors their hue.

At the time I just could not see
The value frustrations could be to me.
What God and I each had in mind
Often differed.  What did I find?

I touched a life and wiped a tear,
I held a child and calmed a fear.
A word of love was passed along,
A happy time was framed with song.

So now ’tis passed, as I’ve reflected,
Wasn’t so bad.  And I’ve erected
Amidst a world of ebb and flow
A loving, shimmering, fleeting rainbow.

Katheryn Maddox Haddad

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  1. Tricia Hungerford

    Please post today’s inspiration poem on my Facebook page. I don’t know how to do it If you could post all your inspirations on my Facebook, it would be wonderful! If you request an invite my address is We lost 3 people in the family this last 10 days and may lose my son any day too. We need prayers!

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