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Today was the first day since November 1 (2 months) that I have stopped and tried to relax. 

I have been pulling all-nighters at least once a week and would have more if I’d had the strength.  The rest of the time I worked usually to 2:30 AM.  All that to get my 18 new children’s books out in time for Christmas.  Eight are A Child’s Bible Kids and ten are A Child’s Bible Heroes.  My ad said they teach values.

Today, I went to a ladies Bible class, then grocery shopping (my refrigerator was pretty empty), then came home, sat out on my front porch in a wicker chair (it was 75 today), and read.

Strip Bible Heroes 5 & 5



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    1. Inspirations By Katheryn

      I have no many books in my head still to be written, but I have to force myself to stop for awhile and work my way throug the 66 I have already written, getting the word out about them to different types of readers. But I will try to take your advice and enjoy a season of rest, but I don’t know how extended it will be.

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